• baby: d-d-d
  • parent: dada???
  • baby: don't bend don't bleed don't beg don't scream don't whine don't fight don't tell me don't tell me don't tell me don't feel don't tear don't kiss don't care don't touch don't want me don't want me don't want me something's so sick about this my misery's so addictive I'm halfway there watching north shore from the floor singing to you over my shoulder
She had her hair down
with buttons undone
and her hourglass figure
I swear I saw a world
reflecting in her eyes
and I fought to control
the need I had for her lips
and the want for more pieces
that make up her whole
And I saw her heart
with its storm inside
folding back on itself
And I needed to touch her
slide my fingers down her back
and I swear I went to sleep
thinking about the sounds
she would make
with my lips pressed
between her thighs
c.p  (via itsonlyyforever)